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Take A Look At Our Athletes

Evan Clark

November 2019

We are pleased to introduce Evan Clark as our November Athlete of the Month. Evan is a senior at Northwest Catholic High School and a Tariffville native. He excels in the outfield for both his AAU team, the Blue Jays, and his high school varsity baseball team. Next fall, Evan will be a freshman at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota where he will play baseball for the Lions. He plans to study Health Sciences and aspires to become a physical therapist.


Evan started training at B Sports this fall. He has really shown some strength gains in a few short months! When asked how he will use what he’s learned in his time here working with us, Evan states, “I have learned to set realistic goals for myself and condition my body to prevent injury.” We take great pride in the physical, mental, and emotional, development of our athletes and are thrilled in the progress Evan is making. 

As his coaches here at B Sports, Evan demonstrates a great attention to detail. He executes every exercise as precisely as possible and puts the maximum effort into each rep and set. Evan feels that his results training with us are “far greater than in any (traditional) gym.” He is a hard-worker, self-motivated, and eager to learn new moves and exercises. He says, “I want to find my limits. I am going to push myself harder every day and see where it takes me.” With a positive attitude and excellent work ethic, Evan is sure to be successful on- and off-the-field as he heads in to his final spring season of baseball and on to college next fall. We are proud of Evan’s accomplishments! Way to B Great!