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Take A Look At Our Athletes

Mihalek, Jack AOM II.jpg

Jack Mihalek

February 2021

We are excited to recognize Jack Mihalek as our B Sports Athlete of the Month. Jack has been working with B Sports Performance for three years!  He’s a high school junior from Farmington who enjoys playing both football and baseball.  Jack is one of our hardest working athletes. Day in and day out, he consistently demonstrates his commitment to becoming a better ball player through his positive attitude, his respect for others, and his dedication.


Jack credits his time at B Sports with helping to drastically improved his physical abilities, along with improving his mental toughness. He feels a lot stronger and faster today than he was three years ago. Along with improving his physical abilities, B Sports has also changed how Jack encounters challenges in his life. He has a more positive mindset, whether it is on the field or during training.


Running technique, speed, and agility work are among Jack’s favorite parts of training classes. He feels running is what helps helps him stay in shape for his sports. While there is a lot of strength training involved at B Sports, running is what he believes has contributed to his on the field performance. A favorite exercise of his is ring push-ups. “It is a fun exercise that consists of different variations to help build strength in your arms,” says Jack.


A short-term goal for Jack is to become the strongest he possibly can. A long-term goal he has is to continue becoming mentally tougher and develop more character skills to be the best person he can be. Jack believes this is very important long term.


Jack has made the All-Academic team for football for two years and has made Honor Roll in school for each semester! We, at B Sports, are very proud of Jack for his accomplishments both on and off the field. He embodies the true spirit of a B Sports athlete! Way to work hard, stay focused, and B Great!

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