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We Train Athletes To

Excel At Their Sport

Physical Training   Mental Training   Skills for Life

Get Bigger, Stronger,
and Faster
Gain Confidence in Your Abilities
Achieve Your Athletic Goals

Athletes Need Better Training

Not sure how to help your budding athlete? Enter B Sports Performance.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Browse through our athletic development programs 

Step 2:

Choose the program that fits your athlete's needs

Step 3:

Let's execute the plan together!

What Parents Are Saying

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"The difference at B Sports Performance is two-fold. The personalized attention my son receives makes each workout customized to his goals. They also train the entire person, beyond physical strength, they emphasis personal strength and a positive mindset. These are not just sport tools, but life tools. To me, that is the most valuable take-away from this program." -Steve G. 

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"Before B Sports, frustration manifested itself as inaction. Words from a parent were not a motivator. It wasn't until they started training here that they understood the relationship between approach and outcome, preparedness and result. Ironically, now it is the hunger for more. My kids are seeing results in body composition, athletic performance, attitude, and better grades." -Mike M.

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"As a parent, I saw all kinds of programs out there telling and showing you what you want to hear, but not producing results. The difference I found at B Sports Performance lies with the owner, Brian Pendergast . Thanks to Brian's attention to detail,  knowledge of programs, and genuine concern for my son and his goals, my son is now on the right path for success. " -John Z.

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