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Time Shouldn't Prohibit Great Results

Does your training fit your schedule?

Are you an in-season athlete with limited time to train?

Are you a prep school athlete with only one day off a week?

Do you live far away from our facility and can't make it multiple times a week?

Have you never tried our training before?

Experience the effectiveness of B Sports Performance training!

I truly didn't know how much this program helped my son until he went into preseason football. Coach had the boys do sprints and hill repeats. I secretly stayed to watch and what I saw amazed me! My son, the lineman, was keeping up with the wide-receivers and beating all of the OL/DL. At that moment, I knew I made the right decision to put my son in B Sports Performance. 

-Christa R.

One of the best parts about B Sports Performance is that I don't have to come workout everyday since the training is so effective. Group sessions are a lot of fun and they motivate me to come and push myself to get better. 

-Jason G., Farmington High School

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Step 1:

Show up to a Sunday class

Step 2:

Experience a complete athletic workout

Step 3:

Watch as your plan results in your athletic success!

Sunday Morning Class

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No weekly commitment, just show up when you can!

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