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J.B. Dequeker, C.H. Abert Cited by 22 Articular cartilage defects are generally recognized as an unavoidable consequence of the high energy trauma in the long bones of young and active patients. This article will review the indications, techniques, and results of  articular cartilage repairs. Stretching Download] Liang C. Gao 2021 Poor capsular anatomy, in conjunction with inferior Bankart repair, is a common cause of recurrent anterior instability. The purpose of this study is to present our results in treating these challenging cases using a combined suture-bridge procedure. Download : Download video (71MB). by A. Slobogean 2017 Cited by 4 Cited by 27 Four studies describing “cannot be graded” RCTs (N = 1,735) are presented, to emphasize their invalidity. RCTs with “cannot be graded” results should be abandoned because of their inability to provide data that would be adequate for informed decision-making. Download . by M García-Hernández 2021 The repair of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries in sports medicine has been a challenging scenario for the arthroscopist. The incidence of PCL injuries associated with posterior knee pain is uncommon, and there is a paucity of literature discussing its diagnosis and treatment. The objective of this study is to analyze the published literature on the diagnosis and management of isolated PCL injuries associated with posterior knee pain. A systematic review was performed by using the PubMed, Cochrane, and Scopus databases. The clinical characteristics, surgical techniques, and clinical outcomes of isolated PCL injuries associated with posterior knee pain were assessed. Our search revealed 10 studies addressing the subject. Posterior PCL injuries were associated with ACL injuries (8/10), meniscus injuries (7/10), osteochondral injuries (4/10), and posterior cruciate ligament laxity (4/10). All patients underwent arthroscopic techniques that included PCL injuries associated with ACL injuries (9/10), isolated PCL injuries (2/10), and isolated posterior cruciate ligament injuries (1/10). The procedures were undertaken for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in 9/10 studies. A posterior single-incision arthroscopic technique was the most widely used surgical approach (8/10).

by J Baker 2019 Cited by 20 Poor-quality bone necessitates the removal of the osteophyte, which must be taken into consideration before proceeding with any other procedures. . Download : Download video (83MB). by U Schoenebeck See also Hip pain Hip joint Osteoarthritis Joint (joint) References Category:Medical terminology Category:Musculoskeletal system Category:JointsCrypto Startups Need to Look Beyond Asia Despite the bear market, the latest survey from tech firm Vanson Bourne says that the crypto industry is still expanding, particularly in China and Asia. Crypto startups are a booming segment of the industry, Vanson Bourne says, with increasing numbers of them focusing their efforts on emerging markets. Also read: The ‘Crypto Busted’ Meme Continues To Spread Across Twitter 30% of Startup Ventures in Crypto in Emerging Markets The findings are based on more than $1 million in consulting services provided by the firm to “emerging markets,” defined as countries that have a per capita income of $6,000 or less. According to Vanson Bourne, 30% of the crypto startups operating in emerging markets are looking to launch crypto trading platforms and exchange-focused businesses. Another 36% of them are involved in the development of cryptocurrency-related products and services. The latest findings also suggest that the number of crypto startups in the US, Europe, and Australia has dropped compared to a year ago, and overall the decline has been more pronounced in Europe. The firm’s analysis says that the surge in interest in cryptocurrencies and related ventures can be explained by the “extreme hype in the market” and the fact that “the technology has potential in emerging markets.” Continental Shift Vanson Bourne says that the shift in the industry’s focus from the US to Asia is not just part of a development in China. In fact, it says, “as the level of trade and e-commerce grows in China, the country has become the epicenter of the crypto world.” Moreover, Asia as a whole is becoming increasingly important for the crypto industry. “Countries like Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong — and also China in a larger way — are all picking up.” Vanson Bour


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