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Training To Build Speed, Agility,  Quickness, and Strength

Get Stronger and Faster     Increase Your Confidence     Achieve Your Goals

Athletes Need Speed, Agility, and Strength to Dominate on the Field

Develop elite-level sprint speed

Get a quicker first step and accelerate faster

Learn how to change direction faster

Develop explosive power while becoming more injury resistant

Maximize your athletic potential with B Sports Performance training!

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I truly didn't know how much this program helped my son until he went into preseason football. Coach had the boys do sprints and hill repeats. I secretly stayed to watch and what I saw amazed me! My son, the lineman, was keeping up with the wide-receivers and beating all of the OL/DL. At that moment, I knew I made the right decision to put my son in B Sports Performance. 

-Christa R.

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One of the best parts about B Sports Performance is that I don't have to come workout everyday since the training is so effective. Group sessions are a lot of fun and they motivate me to come and push myself to get better. 

-Jason G., Farmington High School

What's My Investment?

complete pre-workout warm-up and post-workout stretching

all-encompassing warm-up to safely prepare athletes for intense workouts and thorough post-workout static stretching to promote recovery time and muscular health

sprinting technique drill-work 

drill sequences to develop athlete sprint speed and overall sprinting efficiency and explosiveness

speed, agility, and quickness training 

drills to develop athlete foot work, agility, explosive power, and functional movement that lead to increased athletic performance

supplemental strength exercises

exercises designed to increase an athlete's static strength, muscular endurance, explosive power, joint stability, and functional movement

How it Works

Step 1. Buy a single training session or a package
single session for $30 
10-pack for $270 (10% savings!)

Step 2. Decide which classes to attend
We offer classes Monday through Friday
We recommend 2-3 training sessions per week

Step 3. Show up to your class to...
Get bigger, faster, and stronger
Increase your confidence
Achieve your goals!

Fall 2022 Training Classes

Fall '22

Starting week of
Sept. 12 through Dec. 23

Classes Meet: Monday through Friday

5:30-6:30PM @ B Sports


Each class is limited to 8 athletes

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