Training To Get Your Blue Knight

Ready For The Spring Season

Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster     Increase Your Confidence     Achieve Your Goals

The Off-Season is the Time to Prepare

Get your body and mind ready for your best season yet!

Get bigger, faster, and stronger

Become more mobile and injury resistant

Develop your mind for mental toughness

The only question is...


I realized about four years ago that my son, Jacob, needed structured workouts that would help support his growth and development to become a better ball player. Jacob was not self-motivated to work out on his own, nor did he have the knowledge to decide how best to train. Jake's training at B Sports Performance has solved these problems and taken him to a higher level. Both the physical and mental components are invaluable parts of his growth as an athlete.

-Rodney V.

One of the best parts about B Sports Performance is that I don't have to come workout everyday since the training is so effective. Group sessions are a lot of fun and they motivate me to come and push myself to get better. 

-Jason G., Farmington High School

What's My Investment?

comprehensive strength and power workout routines

full range of motion, body-weight neuromuscular exercises designed to increase an athlete's static strength, muscular endurance, explosive power, joint stability, and functional movement

complete pre-workout warm-up and post-workout stretching

all-encompassing warm-up to safely prepare athletes for intense workouts and thorough post-workout static stretching to promote recovery time and muscular health

speed and agility training with running technique drills

drill sequences to develop athlete sprint speed, foot work, agility, and overall running efficiency and explosiveness

full-body mobility and functional movement routines

dynamic mobility exercises that increase athletic stabilizing muscle capacity, joint stability, and overall athletic safety

mental performance development

weekly assignments to develop each athlete's mental tenacity and emotional resilience as it relates to their lives on and off the field

2019-2020 Training Classes

Session I

December 3-January 31

Tuesday/Friday (8 Weeks)

6:00-8:00PM @ B Sports

(week of 12/24 off)

class is limited to 14 athletes


Session II

February 4-March 27

Tuesday/Friday (8 Weeks)

6:00-8:0PM @ B Sports

class is limited to 14 athletes


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