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Training To Get You In Shape For Sports Performance

Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster     Increase Your Confidence     Achieve Your Goals

Get in shape and have fun this summer!

Train with B Sports to...

Get bigger, faster, and stronger

Become more mobile and injury resistant

Develop your mind for mental toughness

The only question is...


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I realized about four years ago that my son, Jacob, needed structured workouts that would help support his growth and development to become a better ball player. Jacob was not self-motivated to work out on his own, nor did he have the knowledge to decide how best to train. Jake's training at B Sports Performance has solved these problems and taken him to a higher level. Both the physical and mental components are invaluable parts of his growth as an athlete.

-Rodney V.

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Through B Sports, I have learned to speak up for myself more and talk about how my body is feeling so I can stay fit and healthy. Along with growing mentally and physically stronger, I have learned some instrumental routines which I can take with me in college. 

-Giovanna D., Yale University

What's My Investment?

comprehensive strength and power workout routines

body-weight neuromuscular exercises designed to increase an athlete's static strength, muscular endurance, explosive power, joint stability, and functional movement

speed, agility, and quickness training 

drills to develop athlete foot work, agility, explosive power, and functional movement that lead to increased athletic performance

full-body mobility and functional movement routines

dynamic mobility exercises that increase athletic stabilizing muscle capacity, joint stability, and overall athletic safety

complete pre-workout warm-up and post-workout stretching

all-encompassing warm-up to safely prepare athletes for workouts and thorough post-workout static stretching to promote recovery time and muscular health

How it Works

Step 1. Buy a single training session or a package
single session for $50 
session for $360 (save 10%)

Step 2. Decide which two classes to attend each week
We offer classes Monday through Thursday
Step 3. Show up to your class to...
Get bigger, faster, and stronger
Increase your confidence
Achieve your goals!

Summer 2022 Training Classes

Summer- Session I

June 27 - July 21 (4 weeks)

Classes Meet Monday through Thursday (you choose two per week)



Each class is limited to 10  athletes

Summer- Session II

July 25 - August 18 (4 weeks)

Classes Meet: Monday through Thursday (you choose two per week)



Each class is limited to 10 athletes

We can prorate for vacations and missed classes

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